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Be Safe. Be Seen. Whatever the Weather.

Bright and Charming is a small, family run business specialising in handmade, retro-reflective bag charms, keychains and accessories.

Our wearable accessories are ultra cute and charming yet provide full functionality and hi-vis, retro-reflective safety accessories which can be easily seen in low light, bad weather and night time conditions. 

The reflective properties make them shine bright when seen under headlights similar to reflective road signs and makes the wearing visible when walking, cross the road, riding a bike etc.

At Bright and Charming we promote road safety for all with our lovely charms and keyring range for children, pets and adults.

Why Bright and Charming?

Stacey White

Owner and Maker

Hi, I'm Stacey White, owner of Bright and Charming. I have a background in fashion and have been sewing for over 20 years as well as working with retro-reflective materials and integrated technology as a motion capture wear specialist.

Bright and Charming was born out of necessity after noticing many school children crossing the road, early in the morning or early evening during the dark winter months, often dressed in dark clothing, making them impossible to spot. It only takes one second for a simple act of crossing to road to turn fatal.

For this reason, I always ensured my small children wore retro-reflective clothing and accessories, even kitting out their prams and buggies with high vis and reflective accents!

Upon trying to cross a notoriously busy road with no nearby crossing, I noticed that I too had no means of being seen in the dark so this was not a child isolated concern.

My range of accessories offer a modern, stylish approach to road safety and visibility that people will want to wear and hopefully, it may even save some lives.